Grafico developing the Identity for MarkerSpace: A concept for the future of education.

This is a project hosted by the company introducing the MakerSpace concept to schools. The concept MakerSpace is based on the idea that children learn best when they construct and build physical objects together. A creative learning environment at the School, is the first major step towards the future elementary school, and learning in […]

Grafico just finished a new collaboration with the company Dansk AV produktion.

A new release from the company Dansk AV Produktion have been the subject of a new collaboration with grafico. Dansk AV Produktion is a danish production company working with films and television releases with a focus on global issues such as environmental awareness, indigenous peoples, human rights, poverty and education. This new release is hosted by the Ministry […]

Album “NATURA” officially Released

Album “NATURA” officially Released

On Oct 30th , 2014 Yasser Pino & The Latin Syndicate presented the Debut Album “NATURA” with an official Release concert at HOTEL KONG ARTHUR